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Some Nifty Cute Utilities 

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Important Acts with regard to Banking.. 

The Negotiable Instruments Act

Banking Regulation Act

Right To Information Actसूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम

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Office, Windows  & Browsers  

Tips for Excel, Word, Windows, & firefox Users


Searching People.? 

Want to locate any person in India.? if the Person has a BSNL land-line phone..It is possible Click here to Search People

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Officers Organisation Screen saver- Download this to your PC, Right Click and select "Install"

Officers Organisation Toolbar for your Browser (Firefox/Internet Explorer) -download and install to stay connected and enjoy a lot many facilities


Just select the Desired wallpaper and click, it will take you to full view of the Selected wallpaper, Look Below the image for a Floppy Icon and click it to save image to your PC, now you can set it as your Desktop wallpaper.